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Behavioural Support Strategies


2-3 Day BSS Proactive Strategies Pathway

This 2-3 day course allows your instructors to train once they have received their 4 day instructors course, BSS can deliver this training as well.

This course is delivered to staff and others who support people whose behaviour can cause concern; these concerns may either be for the supported person themselves or for the wider service. It offers an introduction to analysing behaviour; looking at what the service or staff could do to prevent a recurrence of the behaviour which is causing the concern.

The course has various elements including:

  • The reasons behind behaviour
  • The legislative framework and guidelines for supporting people to manage their behaviour
  • Calming and de-escalation techniques that staff can use
  • The importance of communication
  • Positive, solution focused ways of working
  • The importance of staff reflecting on their practice
  • The Psychological impact of physical interventions & breakaway techniques

Anyone who wishes to become an instructor must attend a 3 day BSS Proactive Strategies Pathway; this can be done through BSS or through their own organisation providing there is an established BSS course structure in place.

All staff attending the 2-3 Day BSS Proactive Strategies Pathway must attend an annual 1-2 Days Refresher for BSS Proactive Strategies Pathway each year.

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4 Day BSS Instructors Course

This course provides members of your staff with the necessary skills to deliver a 2-3 day BSS Proactive Strategies Pathway on the management of behaviour that causes concern, within your organisation, following a Training needs Analysis of the service, and their requirements.

The course involves training Instructors in the presentation of proactive approaches including: behaviour analysis; calming techniques; a session on legal issues plus it is a valuable opportunity to collaborate with other organisations.

During the 4 days, we also train the 15 Core Physical Interventions and self-protection techniques which also includes the principles underlying their use; psychological impact and safety issues that they involve. At the end of the course new instructors are assessed and supported to develop, or contribute, to the training within their own organisations.

Instructors are provided with all materials required to deliver the 2-3 day Proactive Training which can be adapted to fit your service needs following approval.

This course offers a cost effective way of training all support staff in the management of behaviour which can be causing concern. It also provides members of your staff with an excellent development opportunity and an additional method of sharing practice, within your own organisation.

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1-2 Day Annual Re-Certification Course

BSS Instructors are required to attend a one day annual Re-Certification Course which includes: assessment of the Physical Interventions and Break Away Techniques and Presentation Skills. This requirement of BILD ACT certification also enables BSS to ensure a high standard of ongoing training delivery throughout our BSS Instructor group and allows us to update Instructors in skills, changes to legislation or procedures etc.

Re-Certification days are arranged to allow instructors to meet and collaborate with colleagues from other organisations. Discussion and cross-fertilisation of ideas and training methods is encouraged to provide opportunities for course development.

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