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Mental Health & Wellbeing Support


We provide support to people across our specialist residential facilities.

Our mental wellbeing team works with each person to empower them to take control of their lives and works to support them, without judgement, on their journey to recovery.

Throughout our mental health services, we use our highly regarded recovery model; this focuses on the personal experiences of the individual.

For the people who use our services, and residents, it's about what they can do; not what they can't do.

There is a growing demand for mental wellbeing services. In Aberdeen, alone, 1 in 3 adults every year are diagnosed with a mental health condition.

As Aberdeen’s largest and trusted provider of mental health services, we are more than aware of the pressures this brings.



At VSA we provide three residential mental wellbeing facilities that provide 24 hour support for people living with severe or enduring mental health conditions. These facilities are a mix of rehabilitation and long term placement.
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Mental Wellbeing Top Tips and Emergency Support Services

Mental Wellbeing Top Tips and Emergency Support Services

Our journey through life will not be perfect and along the way life events such as issues at work, bereavement and loss, financial worries, children and relationship problems can all impact on our mental wellbeing.
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Our Locations

1 - Arrdeir House

Arrdeir House
Oakdale Terrace

AB15 7PJ
T: 01224 358555
2 - Westerton Crescent

17 Westerton Crescent

AB16 7NS
T: 01224 358640
3 - St Aubins

87 South Anderson Drive

AB10 7PN
T: 01224 358551
4 - Northfield Lodge

Provost Fraser Drive

AB16 7JY
T: 01224 358140
5 - 450 Holburn Street (Abergeldie)

450 Holburn Street

AB10 7PA
T: 01224 358570


Adults supported through our mental wellbeing services


Hours of mental wellbeing support


School-based counselling sessions delivered virtually to over 100 children aged between 8-18

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