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Additional Support Needs Advisory Project


Working in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, VSA's Additional Support Needs Advisory Project (ASNAP) aims to support local children service providers to facilitate the integration of children and young people living with additional support needs in nurseries, crèches, playgroups and After School Clubs throughout Aberdeen.

Our aim is to sustain children’s access to mainstream services.

1 in 100 people living in Scotland is autistic. People living with autism see, hear and experience the world around them differently. Autism is a neurological condition that people are born with, and while there has been work in recent years to build knowledge and understanding of the condition across society, it is still a commonly misunderstood condition.

According to local statistics, there are estimated to be over 4,000 children and adults living with autism across the region. We believe that all children and adults living with autism should have the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities to live a life full of opportunities, and one in which they can fully embrace and develop their identity as an autistic person.


We have over fifty years of experience in supporting and working with professionals and parents to deliver better outcomes for children and young people living with autism.

Our ASNAP programme provides service providers with an opportunity to work with one of our ASN experts to build upon their existing knowledge and skills for supporting children with additional support needs.

An ASNAP advisor can be allocated to a service for a period of time to assist the staff team in the development of strategies that will support the child/children they are working with. Specialised training and equipment can also be given dependent on the individual child’s needs.

A child does not need to have been given a formal diagnosis for discussions to take place with an ASNAP worker.

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