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Easter Anguston Farm

Trainee Programme


Easter Anguston Farm is an educational training facility with the primary purpose of supporting adults with learning difficulties gain work experience while supporting trainees to broaden their skills and gain recognised SVQ qualifications.

Providing lifelong learning opportunities for those with additional support needs.

VSA Easter Anguston is an operational farm which serves as a training facility with outcome-based opportunities for adults with learning difficulties, mental health challenges, acquired brain injuries and physical disabilities. The farm is situated just off the A93 road towards Banchory in Peterculter and has 70 acres of arable land.

Easter Anguston Farm has an established history, and reputation, with over 30 years delivering a unique training opportunity; plus excellent support to trainees through its highly qualified and trained staff.

Developing Skills and Understanding

VSA Easter Anguston Farm aims to provide meaningful and individualised training placements, providing practical educational opportunities around 3 pillars:








Trainees generally work in small groups (3-4) led by a qualified support worker with expertise in that area. However, on occasion and where appropriate, will work more independently on projects with supervision e.g. tractor work and specific animal activities. This helps further develop their independence and self-confidence, aiding self-esteem within the group and in the community they live in.

Our trainees gain an overall understanding of a working placement, helping build self-esteem and confidence and preparing those that are able to look for additional or further employment. Currently 25% of the trainees attending have achieved subsequent other employment in the community, using some of the skills gained at the Training Centre.

The plans are developed to ensure they are appropriate for each of their individual learning ability. Our staff will then work individually with the trainee to reach these aims and goals with regular reviews of progress.


Investing in Our Staff

VSA employ staff with a wide range of skills beyond the key care qualifications, including an experienced veterinary surgeon, an equine management degree holder and horticulture qualification, relevant to our working practices on the farm.

All staff undergo extensive ongoing training in appropriate fields to ensure we deliver the best of care and skills development to our trainees.


New Horizions

Easter Anguston Farm continues to develop new and interesting training opportunities for those on placement at the farm.

New Group Sessions

This year, we have added new group sessions on various aspects of farm activities including sheep, planting seeds plus learning more about alpacas. This is part of an annual programme led by our farm manager.

SVQ Qualifications

There is now an opportunity for SVQ qualification training on site. We work with Murton Trust, as an external verifier, to deliver on-site training qualifications initially for: Animal Handling and Animal Management.

New & Improved Facility

We have recently redeveloped our onsite education centre with thanks to generous donations from trusts, foundations, individuals and local corporates. Our new modern education centre has a classroom facility for the direct benefit of attending trainees.

These developments will provide trainees with real opportunity to attain full potential in their chosen interest. The qualifications gained will provide trainees with more recognition of their skills; more opportunity for employment out with the farm and provide real stepping stones for future employability.

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