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Over a thousand people living in Aberdeen have a learning disability.

At VSA, we provide residential and placement support for adults living with a wide range of learning disabilities.

A learning disability is life long and there are many different types. Often, a person living with a learning disability will have been diagnosed with more than one condition. Some of the more commonly known conditions associated with a learning disability include Autism, Asperger's, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Challenging Behaviours.

Each person, their level of disability and the condition they are living with is unique to them. The level of disability can range from being mild to moderate or severe to profound. Most people are born with a learning disability, however, a learning disability can also occur after birth.

Causes of a learning disability include:

  • Early childhood seizures, illnesses, or accidents
  • Being deprived of oxygen at birth
  • Being born very prematurely
  • Genetics - while a baby is developing in the womb it might develop certain genes or genetic mutations that can cause a condition linked with a learning disability

A learning disability is different from a learning difficulty and often people get the two confused. People living with a learning disability have reduced intellectual capabilities and struggle with everyday activities such as money management, socialising, and household tasks. A learning disability affects all aspects of their life.

As life progresses, we understand that families will naturally worry about how their loved one will manage and cope with the challenges that life presents, particularly in adulthood. If you are caring for a person living with a learning disability we know that one area of concern will be who will care for, or support your loved one when you are no longer able to do so.

At VSA, we have residential and day placements options for adults living with a learning disability. Our goal is to help the person we care for develop the skills they need so that they can lead realise their dreams and lead an independent and integrated life.



Craigton Grove provides a residential housing support service for adults living with learning disabilities.
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Adult Trainee Day Placement

Adult Trainee Day Placement

As part of our learning disability services we offer trainee adult day placements at our Easter Anguston Farm facility.
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"I'm now in my eighties, and I feel a great sense of comfort knowing that my son who has Downs Syndrome is being supported and cared for by VSA. As my only child, it was a tremendous worry thinking about where my son would live, who would help him or be an advocate for his rights when I am no longer here. I am so grateful that he has the opportunity to live independently now with support from VSA."

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2 - Easter Anguston Farm


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Over 1,000

Adults are living in Aberdeen with a learning disability


Of adults living in the city with a learning disability are in paid employment compared to 63.4% of all adults

1 in 50

People in Scotland are living with a learning disability 0.6% of the population of Aberdeen are known to have autism


Of the population of Aberdeen are known to have autism

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