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Case Study

Maggie's Story

Maggie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder many years ago and had been at Cornhill Psychiatric Hospital before moving to VSA’s St Aubins. After 3 years, Maggie was ready to transition back into the community and with VSA’s support she moved into her own flat.

The transition into the community was not easy for Maggie. It was a new experience having the responsibility to look after her own flat and care for her lovely Tortoiseshell cat, Willow. She receives 5 hours outreach support each week from VSA and can call staff anytime she is feeling low, sad or frustrated.

Outreach support has been great for Maggie helping her to become more outgoing; talk to people and has given her the confidence to go out and enjoy life. If Maggie didn’t have the support from VSA her mental health would suffer and she may have ended up back at Cornhill Hospital.

“VSA has been a lifeline for me. I couldn’t have managed it on my own and I find it really hard to think what my life would have been without the support from VSA."

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