Kai's Story

10-year-old Kai was diagnosed with autism at two years old and grew up with his family in Boddam. After his diagnosis, his mum and dad looked at the support they could get for Kai and put him in a school for children with additional support needs.

This school, unfortunately, could not meet Kai’s complex needs and as such meant he could not channel his emotions positively. Seeking alternative arrangements Kai’s parents contacted VSA’s Linn Moor School.

Kai’s parents said: “As soon as we visited Linn Moor, we just had a gut feeling that this was the place for Kai. The staff were so knowledgeable it was like they knew Kai before even meeting him.”

“When Kai first moved into Linn Moor, it was about six weeks until we went to see him again, and it was like he was a different boy – he was so happy within himself. We couldn’t stop staring at him as we were just amazed at the change in him, this just confirmed that we made the right decision.”

“Although Kai is at a residential school, we are still fully involved, and the staff call us daily and have become an extension of our family. We can’t thank them enough for what they have done for Kai and our family.”

“VSA has changed our life as they have given our son a life, and we are excited about his future.”

Listen to Kai's full story here:

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