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Case Study

Cameron's Story

Cameron joined us at Linn Moor School in May 2019. He had been living at home, and cared for by his parents, but had been out of school for some time initially refusing to go to school, in 2015.

His parents were doing their very best to support him. But, as Cameron became physically stronger it became more difficult for them to put typical boundaries in place; as his responses to requests to do something that he didn’t want to do were becoming more aggressive.

The initial separation from his family, by moving to Linn Moor, was very difficult for Cameron. However, with continued reassurance from staff plus written and pictorial information, to explain to him when he would see and speak to his family next, he began to display his sense of humour and wonderful personality.

He has had 100% attendance in school since joining us and there has been no sign of the self-injury which was how his anxiety at times manifested itself, before coming to Linn Moor. Going to school is referred to as ‘Working with Adults’ and he is now developing very positive relationships with education staff. From being reluctant to interact with others, he will now happily sit at the table in the middle of Stepping Stones class and carry out his work; accepting advice and guidance from the teacher and his support worker - suggesting that he is feeling more comfortable and his confidence is growing.

Cameron has also demonstrated patience and understanding and, frequently, humour can be used to diffuse a difficult situation or to encourage him to try something that he is not entirely comfortable with. He is a young man with considerable potential who is a very popular and valued member of the school community.

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