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Aleks to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of VSA


Support Aleksandra Jurczak's challenge to climb Kili!

Meet Aleksandra Jurczak - who this September will attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of VSA.

Believing everyone should stand the chance to fulfil their potential, Aleks - Marketing & Communications Manager of Maritime Developments - is undertaking this incredible personal challenge and we are delighted that she has chosen VSA as her charity to fundraise for.

"As an only child, I was so used to having to do everything by myself. That's also probably the reason why I am very driven, taking on any challenge in my stride", explains Aleks. "These personal traits of mine seem to find a good release in hiking - but it is fair to say I've never climbed anything like Mount Kilimanjaro - it is set to be my biggest challenge of its sort yet."

Aleks relate to her own experiences behind why she has chosen to support VSA. "Through personal circumstances or the turn of Lady Luck, there are members of our communities that find themselves in a vulnerable place. I might find myself there too! And if I did, I would like someone to have my back, and help me through the worst of it."

"VSA does just that. They provide the required support to the vulnerable of all ages: from healthcare, to living necessities, to having a soulmate to share the burden with."

"I believe that - to quote a famous book - "Give, and you will be given"; but it is also VSA's mission that resonates with me greatly: "Supporting individuals and communities to fulfill their potential."

Everyone at VSA wishes Aleks all the very best of luck in her pursuit to climb Kili. She added: "In my book, everyone should get the chance to live their lives to the fullest, to follow the path before them - even if there are mountains to overcome along the way."

To follow Aleks' preparations and progress, and to support her fundraising, visit this link: https://loom.ly/-9Y5hC4

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