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Modern Apprenticeships

Positive feedback from Skills Development Scotland


VSA's Modern Apprenticeship programme

We were delighted to feature within Skill Development Scotland's recently published National Report on the Initial Assessment Thematic Review, receiving such positive feedback on our Modern Apprenticeship programme.

Within the report, VSA were one of the examples of effective practice:

"Apprentices are provided with excellent communication regarding the findings of IA. Learner feedback was consistently positive towards the involvement of the provider and the comfortable environment they created. All apprentices within the sample were clear on how the IA process was carried out and how the results would be used to support them moving forward. In one instance the learner was provided with a detailed psychology report following a clinical assessment regarding an ASN being identified by the provider. This allowed them to fully understand their needs moving forward and access appropriate support. As a result of the provider's clear communication apprentices felt fully informed regarding their apprenticeship, support on offer, and had awareness of the expectations the provider required from them.

The provider is extremely effective in communicating IA findings with mentors. They deploy a consistent approach where staff both verbally feedback to employers and use online resources to share findings. Mentors interviewed valued the communication from the provider with one adding they were given a copy of a psychology report following identifying an ASN from a learner. This was extremely beneficial for the workplace and helped them to fully understand the support required by the learner and have a comprehensive awareness of the topic. This opinion was matched by all mentors interviewed who felt communication following IA helped them create a positive environment for the apprentice and fully comprehend their needs.

VSA have a clear focus on evaluating processes and using findings to create meaningful change. As a result of the excellent evaluation, the provider has decided to implement Meta Skills within the IA which has allowed the subject to be gradually introduced within the programme. This serves as a clear example of the focus towards evaluation and implementing change which has allowed for a positive development of processes."

The full report is available to read here.

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