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Modern Apprenticeships

Meet Sunday!


“If you have an ambition of making a real difference, this is the place to be!”

As a support worker at our Linn Moor School campus, Sunday Wuyep’s positivity and passion shines through, making him an excellent role model for anyone looking to progress their career - regardless of the work they do.

Sunday was first attracted to VSA when he realised he would be presented with a new challenge.

“It was in 2020 when I noticed the challenges of those who require Additional Support Needs, particularly in education”, he explained.

“It struck me that it would be rewarding if in some way I could try and make an impact in this area of education. I then searched online and of course up came Linn Moor. That’s when I really got to know about what they offered and before long, after making some enquiries, I was offered an interview and the opportunity to work at Linn Moor!”

“I have taught in other schools and worked in scientific research in the past, but working at Linn Moor has been a complete change in my career.”

As well as working at Linn Moor, Sunday is also currently working towards an SVQ in Social Services (Children and Young People).

“The Modern Apprenticeship scheme enables me to improve myself, train myself and to do the job the best I can.”

“The exciting thing I discovered was that VSA are unlike any other organisation I have worked for before. They have a genuine interest to ensure that you have all the training and knowledge you need – so your career can properly build while doing the job itself.”

“Undertaking my Modern Apprenticeship helps me be the best I can be. It allows me to focus while I learn. I also gain a better understanding, step by step, of the job itself”

For Sunday, the best thing about working at VSA was very clear. “I’m so happy at the end of the day, the children I support are progressing all the time. Nothing can beat seeing their development before your eyes, it is extremely satisfying.”

“The working environment is fantastic, everyone is so friendly and approachable. You never feel on your own and help is always there.”

“I am very proud to be part of VSA – if you have the passion, they will give you the support that you need. If you have an ambition of making a real difference, this is the place to be!”

About our Modern Apprenticeship Programme

VSA SVQ Centre delivers a successful Modern Apprenticeship Programme and provide a range of qualifications in Health and Social Care. Alongside studying, our apprentices gain practical experience working with the vulnerable people we support. This approach helps our students to put what they have learned into practice with the support of our dedicated team of learning and development professionals.

All of our assessors and verifiers have worked for VSA care services and have years of experience working within health and social care. We have full time assessors based in the main office as well as workplace assessors within some of our services, in order to support our candidates effectively.

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