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Changing Lives Together

Henry and Jim's walking challenge supports VSA


Going the distance to help change lives

Congratulations to Henry Bruce and Jim Westwood, who recently took on their very own 360 walking challenge in aid of VSA.

Keen hillwalkers for over 20 years, Henry and Jim had originally intended to participate in the popular Loch Ness 360 Challenge. However, due to illness, neither could sadly make the trip to Inverness. Undetered by this setback, they decided to create their own challenge closer to home and still continue with their fundraising!

Their new challenge consisted of four lengthy walks:

  • 1st leg. Bucksburn/ Kingswells/ Brimmond Hill/ Bucksburn (30k)
  • 2nd leg. Bucksburn/ Hazlehead/ Kingswells/ Brimmond Hill/ Bucksburn (34.5k)
  • 3rd leg. Bucksburn/ Sheddocksley/ Kingswells/ Brimmond Hill/ Bucksburn (25.3k)
  • 4th leg. Dyce to Ellon and return (43.8k)

Henry explained the idea behind their challenege. "I decided that I could do this challenge and fundraise, this was partly down to the inspiration of three ex work colleagues who cycled from Lands End to John O'Groats in order to raise funds for a good cause."

"Having searched for a suitable charity that meant something to me, I decided on VSA."

He added "Their services struck a chord with me so that was the decision made."

Henry's experiences of physical and verbal abuse in the past was also a key reason for supporting VSA. "You know, for years I wondered why it took people so long to open up about experiences when it came to any kind of abuse, then I just realised that I was one of “those people“. Having spoken with my wife, I made the call to get my story out there, do this challenge, and raise money for a terrific cause."

"It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My self esteem has grown tenfold."

VSA are truly thankful to Henry for sharing his story with us and to both himself and Jim for still going ahead with their challenge, helping us to change the lives of vulnerable adults and children. We think you are both amazing!

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