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Case Study

Betty's Story

“It’s not a care home, it’s my home”

Betty has always cared for others ever since becoming a nurse in February 1948 - 6 months before the NHS was founded. The hours were long and the shifts were tough; but nothing beat the feeling of helping those in need. It was here that Betty met her husband, Ned, who with two broken ankles tried his best to catch her eye despite being confined to his bed. His persistence paid off and the pair got married in 1958; and Betty gave birth to two boys, Edward and Shawn.

Now aged 89, Betty has unfortunately lost her husband, eldest son Edward and can no longer care for others. It was hard for Betty to maintain her positive outlook on life: “Some days I felt really down. It’s so hard not to think about all of the people I’ve lost and not being able to do the things that I have been doing all my life.

Betty moved to Broomhill Park in January 2015 and quickly become a popular figure with staff and tenants alike. She has made the most of her time here by regularly attending classes and playing games at the activity centre. Betty has truly made the flat her own.

The VSA staff are simply amazing. They are always there when I need them and it really helps when I’m feeling down. Broomhill is the perfect environment allowing me to socialise with the other tenants, make new friends and enjoy a fulfilling life. It’s not a care home, it’s my home.”

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