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Adam's Story

Adam lives with autism and has also been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and anxiety. He moved to Aberdeen about twenty-three years ago with his family from Nigeria.

Adam has struggled with his mental health for the past eleven years and his anxieties have prevented him from being able to do tasks independently such as going to the shops or even just leaving his house at all.

To help him on his journey to recovery, Adam moved into one of our mental wellbeing facilities to get the support he needs to be able to live life more independently.

Adam said: “ I struggle with my anxiety and have found it difficult at times to go out by myself, but when I moved into VSA’s residential facility, the staff helped me overcome some of my worries, and I can now go shopping and even get a bus on my own.

"Not only have the staff helped me overcome some of my anxieties, they are always there for me to speak to about any worries or concerns I have.

"I am grateful for the help I have received from VSA, and I am hopeful that with the continued support, I will be able to go to college and live more independently in the future.”

At VSA, we provide three residential mental wellbeing facilities that provide 24 hour support for people living with severe or enduring mental health conditions. These facilities are a mix of rehabilitation and long term placement.

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