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Sponsor a section of our website

What will you get with your sponsorship?

A prominent link is placed at the top of the page linking across to your company website. This link is always shown at the top of the page just under the main navigation on the site and will link directly to your company page. Supporting VSA in this way gives your company name great exposure on our very busy website and informs people that your organisation is supporting VSA and giving back to the community.

Sponsor options and costs

Your company has two options when sponsoring the VSA website. You can either:

  • Sponsor a whole section of the site
  • Sponsor the homepage (this is known as the site sponsor)

Annual costs

Homepage, news and contact (site sponsor) £1,000 per annum
About VSA section £500 per annum
How to help section £500 per annum
Children & Families £250 per annum
Adult & Community  £500 per annum
Education & Learning £250 per annum
Carers & Support People £100 per annum
Other Services £100 per annum



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