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150th Anniversary Vintage Tea Party

Host a Tea Party to help VSA celebrate our 150th Anniversary.

What to do – it’s as easy as A, B, C, Tea!

A) Send your save the date or invitations out - 10th March is our official birthday (or nearest)

Use the poster inside your pack. Pin it where most people will see it – group meetings, staff rooms, canteens and use it on your social media. More posters can be downloaded below or contact

B) Bake or Buy?

Ask your family, colleagues and friends to bake their all-time favourites. No time? Fake it, buy something and then add your own personal touch. Successful tea parties will have a combo of both home and shop bought goodies.

C) Fundraising

Use our donation box within the pack, enjoy our additional fundraising ideas such as our sweepstake or create your own. You can also create your online donation page as part of your registration process. Don’t be surprised by how generous people can be to support a great cause. Now enjoy some Tea!

To register for a free fundraising pack please follow this link here 

Once you receive your pack, you can also download extra Tea Party pack contents:




  Money Box

  Recipe Cards


  CharityCheckout is VSA’s preferred online donation platform, this allows us to establish and strengthen our supporter relationships. You will register onto the platform, create a log-in and then receive a confirmation notification. VSA do not pay any individual fees for this platform.

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