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Corporate volunteering opportunities

Our exciting, wide-ranging corporate volunteering opportunities have attracted enthusiastic teams from Michael Page, Stronachs, CNR International, The Rank Group, BG Group, Marathon Oil, Chevron, IHS, Centrica, BP, Total E&P UK Ltd, Wood Group PSN, Bank of Scotland, Shell, Trac and Paradigm.

Corporate volunteering is a fantastic initiative and we’re always so grateful to be chosen by organisations like them – and you. But we like to think we give a little something back, too, boosting morale and encouraging teams to pull together and become short-term experts in something they’d probably never face in their day-to-day work environment.

Our corporate volunteering opportunities can change day to day and month to month, depending on the service and also the majority of the time – weather permitting! Most of the work is outdoors but we can also cater for those who prefer to work indoors. There is a range of things to do from fencing painting, building a shed, laying pathways, planting plants, looking after strawberries and gardening work. The list really is endless!  

Please get in touch with Fundraising to discuss the various opportunities. or 01224 212021

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