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Support Service for Adults with Autism, Related Disorders and Learning Disabilities

VSA’s Rowanlea House offers housing and support for adults with autism, related disorders and learning disabilities. It provides an intensive support service for young adults that focuses on the development of meaningful life skills and personal fulfilment.

We believe young adults with complex needs have the right to continue learning after they leave formal education. Our focus is on ensuring the foundation of academic, life, and vocational abilities achieved during their time in formal education are consolidated and built on. We utilise an education room at Easter Anguston where young adults can take part in arts and crafts workshops, log cutting, and furniture renovation among other activities. At Rowanlea House we will provide adults with a wide range of opportunities to further develop their skills, confidence and coping strategies to enable them to make the most of opportunities available in the community. Our model is based on inclusion and we promote the integration of our tenants in their local and wider communities.

Rowanlea House provides for four tenants and offers an excellent standard of living with en-suite bedsits, communal kitchen and living areas and direct access to the garden. The layout of the building ensures that it is suitable for young adults who are less ambulant and promotes private space but also opportunities for social interaction. The house is designed to be personal and safe, with tenants fully involved in making choices about the décor of their personal space and in joint discussions on the communal areas.

We have high expectations and aspirations for the people we support and will promote the rights of people to have control over their lives. We focus on developing self-esteem, confidence and resilience as tenants move through their adult lives.

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