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Residential Service

The residential service provides support and assessment with supervised/supported contact. The majority of referrals are received from Social Workers across Scotland who require a more detailed assessment of parenting on account of the following issues:

Parental mental health
Learning disabilities
Substance or alcohol misuse
Parental experiences of chaotic lifestyles/childhoods

Residential Assessments include:

  • Play and Child Development
  • Individual sessions for parents: play, key work, bonding and attachment
  • Group work sessions: Health and Wellbeing, Life Skills, PEEP, and Dads’ Group
  • Individual bed sit accommodation for families
  • Staff present 24 hours with an On Call Manager

Methods of Assessment

  • Integrated Assessment Framework
  • Parent and child observations
  • Intensive residential placement offers opportunity to support and assess
  • Mapping of family support and networks
  • Adult attachment history
  • Risk assessment
  • SCODA and other assessment tools for parents with specific needs
  • Life-space and opportunity led practice
  • PAMS – Sue McGraw ‘How to be a Good Parent’

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