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Professional Assessments

Richmondhill House also offers personalised, professional assessments, which  include:

  • Parenting ability and parenting capacity: support and assess the ability of parents to undertake practical childcare tasks and ability to meet the child's developmental needs
  • Risk assessment: assess the viability of a child returning to the care of their parent
  • Attachment relationships: assess the quality of the relationship between the child and parents
  • Facilitation, observation and assessment of contact: Richmondhill and other VSA services offer a range of individualised options to support contact between children and their parents

This is a child-centred service where assessments and interventions are:

  • Strengths based
  • Theory based
  • Evidence based
  • Child-centred
  • Robust, rigorous, fair and objective
  • Adhere to current legislation and social policy requirements
  • A comprehensive assessment report will be completed within four to six weeks of all placements

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