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Mental Health & Wellbeing Support

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Our mental health outreach service supports adults living with a range of mental health conditions. Our aim is to support and enable people to live in their own home without the need of a residential placement or admittance to hospital.

We encourage the person we are supporting to become an active member of the local community and not become socially isolated, as a result of their illness.

The aim of the service is to promote independence and community integration using our highly regarded and sector-leading recovery-based model.

Many of the people we support have had a long experience of mental health services; it has often been the case that things have been done to them or for them.

At VSA, our emphasis is about empowering people to take control of their lives; provide them with the skills, techniques, and tools for them to learn how to manage and live with their mental health condition.

Our skilled staff provide support and advice working with the person using our recovery model to set person centred outcomes that are driven by them.

Here are some examples of what changes people with mental health conditions have experienced by accessing our existing residential and outreach work.

People have:

  • Developed new interests and hobbies - such as gardening, playing cards and exercising
  • Learned how to plan meals and cook
  • Become more sociable and built friendships with peers and staff, and/or rebuilt relationships with their family and friends
  • Organised group activities - such as a visit to the beach and BBQs
  • Built the confidence to take a bus on their own to attend an appointment or visit the supermarket
  • Learned to manage their prescribed medication
  • Volunteered at local charities (e.g. charity shop, café, and farm) and learned new job skills
  • Learned how to manage their finances and set up direct debits
  • Gained accredited qualifications
  • Improved personal hygiene e.g. doing their laundry, cleaning their bedroom
  • Developed a daily routine

Recovery is more than the treatment and management of symptoms. It’s about empowering people to achieve their potential and, by doing this, people focus on their strengths. This improves a person’s confidence, self-esteem, and independence and helps them to lead happier and healthier lives now and into the future.

The service operates across Aberdeen; the number of hours provided is flexible and adaptive to meet the needs of the individual.

Our Locations

1 - 450 Holburn Street (Abergeldie)

450 Holburn Street

AB10 7PA
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