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Financial Support Grants

Fuel Fund

Aberdeen, like many other major cities across the UK, has high areas of high depravation due to low income households and social inequalities.

For decades, VSA has helped generations of Aberdonians heat their homes. Long gone are the days of when the VSA 'Coal Man' would drop off coal parcels to households living in poverty across the city, but we are still here to help provide support when you need our help.

23% of households across Aberdeen are living in fuel poverty. This means people are struggling to afford the cost of gas and electricity; the reality of this means having to make choices that many of us take for granted. Choices such as having hot water for personal hygiene, gas for cooking or having enough money for food.

The ongoing pandemic has seen demand for our fuel poverty grants soar. Many people, as a result of losing their jobs, are struggling to cover the cost of their bills.

VSA emergency fuel poverty grants offer a lifeline to many families and carers across the city.

We are thankful to the Lord Provosts Charitable Trust who provided funding to enable us to provide more grants to families who need our help.

Before applying to VSA for help with fuel poverty, please read this helpful information on fuel grants available from Citizens Advice Scotland.


During the pandemic, we have issued £10,000 in emergency fuel grants to 60 families and individuals across the city.

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