VSA Modern Apprentice Scheme

VSA SVQ Centre delivers a successful Modern Apprenticeship Programme and provide a range of qualifications in Health and Social Care. Alongside studying, our apprentices gain practical experience working with the vulnerable people we support. This approach helps our students to put what they have learned into practice with the support of our dedicated team of learning and development professionals.

All of our assessors and verifiers have worked for VSA have years of experience working within health and social care. We have full time assessors based in the main office as well as workplace assessors within some of our services, in order to support our candidates effectively.

What qualifications do we offer?

  • HNC Social Services: This academic qualification is offered to colleagues at our Linn Moor Campus who require this for registration. We can also offer this qualification across all Care Services for personal development.
  • SVQs in Social Services and Healthcare: We offer these vocational qualifications to colleagues across our Adult and Community Services, through our Modern Apprenticeship Programme.
  • SVQs in Social Services (Children and Young People): We offer these vocational qualifications to colleagues at Linn Moor Campus, through our Modern Apprenticeship programme.
  • PDA Health and Social Care Supervision: This qualification is offered to Team Leaders and Senior Practitioners and has been developed to support these colleagues to understand the theoretical aspects and legislative requirements of their supervisory role.
  • PDA Promoting Excellence in Dementia Skilled Practice: This is offered to colleagues who work in Older Peoples Services as part of Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy.
  • L&D9DI and L&D11: These units are offered to colleagues who assess or verify SVQ Qualifications at our Centre.
  • We also offer Core Skills Qualifications in Numeracy and ICT which are incorporated in our Modern Apprenticeship Programme.

"The Modern Apprentice Scheme at VSA has been nothing but a fantastic experience that has helped me appreciate what I do daily. It has also helped me understand why we do the things that we do as Support Workers."

Xavier Tapscott
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