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Mercat Bookshop

The aim of VSA’s Mercat Bookshop is to provide the people of Aberdeen’s local and wider communities access to a wide and varied range of second hand books, vinyls, CD's and DVD's at an affordable price. We ensure every sector of society, even those on the lowest of incomes are given the same opportunities to access academic, recreational and children’s reading materials.

Our bookshop is run almost entirely by volunteers. All books sold within the shop are donated by members of our local community. This offers individuals from all walks of life a unique opportunity to ‘give back’ to their local communities, as all proceeds from the bookshop are used to support VSA’s services across Aberdeen in supporting some of our communities’ most vulnerable individuals.

We constantly need more donations so if you have any new, old or unwanted books, vinyls, CD's and DVD's, please give them to us. You can pop them into the shop or we would be happy to collect if needed.


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