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Our Approach

We provide a wide range of learning and social experiences for all the children to encourage and promote a child’s curiosity and creativity alongside their language, numeracy and general learning and development. We have a strong focus on outdoor learning and children spend some time in our gardens or on outings every day. We go to all kinds of places of interest including parks, the beach and visits to other VSA services. We encourage children to be actively involved in the life of the nursery and we have flexible routines that enable us to respond to the interests of the day often initiated by a child.

We observe and assess children’s progress continually using the SHANARRI indicators. If we assess a child as needing extra help from other services then this will be discussed with parents and taken forward in a timely way. We have a key worker system and this person has the day to day knowledge of the child, how they settle in and their progress. We focus on the quality of education we provide using a planning system that focuses on experiences and outcomes for children’s learning, achieving milestones and making a difference.

Children with Additional Support Needs

We provide for children with additional support needs and staff receive relevant training to meet the individual child’s needs. Our experience is that socialising and learning with other children helps in a number of ways and we are proactive in helping the children to reach their full potential. We make any necessary adjustments and do not see their disabilities as barriers to learning, or progression, or promoting their rights. Within VSA we have staff who specialise in supporting children with Additional Support Needs and we can involve their expertise to help us to support the child should this be needed.

Working with Parents

We welcome parents to visit the nursery before admission so they can get to know us and our work. We develop trusting relationships with effective and timely communication. We understand the difficulties with settling in a child and how this can affect the parents so we provide regular telephone or text updates to reassure the parent. The parents and family members are the most important people in the child’s life and we respect and value this and involve them in the life of the nursery in a variety of ways. We share the learning experiences and outcomes for the child and this can be beneficial for consistency and reassurance for the child.

We continue to involve parents in a number of ways such as helping with recruitment, asking for ideas and suggestions, and inviting them to spend time at the nursery, and establishing a parent forum.

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