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About Maisie’s

Maisie's Children’s Centre provides a Day Care Nursery Service for children from two to five years old. The centre was opened as a nursery in 2011 and we have continued to develop our service to provide a resource rich learning environment. We provide places for children with additional support needs as we promote integration, and we feel this is important for all the children as they develop and grow alongside each other. We are based within easy reach of the services and facilities of Aberdeen and have outdoor gardens that are fully utilised.

VSA is proud of its achievements in providing care, support and learning across all ages. We recognise the importance of giving every child the best start in life and supporting parents to achieve this. We are a small nursery and as such have a strong focus on the individual child. We focus our practice on a professional relationship based approach as we have found this helps both parents and child to learn to trust us. Our philosophy is that children learn best through play as it encompasses children’s behaviour and is integral to healthy development and early years learning. This is further enriched by our caring and nurturing setting where at every opportunity we encourage play to expand their thinking, improve their skills and bring learning through playing together. This is seen when children are playing in the kitchen, mud play, nature and garden and the puppet shows. This is our approach for all of the children.

While the younger children are accommodated in a separate nursery room there are plenty of occasions when the children of all ages come together and this helps with transition as they get older.

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