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Transition Service

In April 2013, Linn Moor developed a two tiered transition service; the aim was to support the young people to develop a much wider range of independent skills in preparation for adulthood. This work recognises the need to have a dedicated service for young adults that promotes age appropriateness, gives them more choice and control over their lives and prepares them for adulthood through work placements and ordinary life experiences. Together we identify their aspirations, interests and needs, focusing on the promotion of community based activities and involvement that helps to integrate and include our young people within the wider society. This helps to build not only social and other developmental skill sets, but additionally, self-esteem and confidence.

Initial Steps

This programme works with younger students from around the age of 12. We aim to promote and develop independent living skills; focusing skill sets that will be required by a young person in the future.

This can include domestic skills around the group, garden upkeep and shopping targets, focusing on choice. Furthermore, we promote inclusion through involvement in community based activities, thus helping to build social skills within the young people.

We also aim to begin putting in place the building blocks of a work based programme. Although less formalised than the Transition work placements, they focus on work around the school such as milk rounds, mail delivery and grounds upkeep. These programmes help to instil a sense of civic responsibility with our young people.


This programme works with young adults aged between 16 and 19 and promotes at a more advanced stage, the development of living skills and the promotion of emerging vocational skill sets.

Within this programme, the focus is on bridging the gap between residential child care and adult services, ensuring that the eventual transition will be an easier one for the young person and their family.

Within the programme we support young people to undertake work based placements external to the school. We currently have students accessing such opportunities on a weekly basis within the community. Combined with community based opportunities such as weekly shopping and other external activities, we work towards ensuring that our young people not only feel included within the community, but that they are also able to contribute to it.

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