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Helping Parents

At Linn Moor we try to understand the difficulties you as parents face in making the decision to place your child with us. We appreciate that this will be a particularly difficult time for your whole family; we also want the best for your child and want them to be safe, secure and nurtured. We want them to learn and achieve as much as possible in their time with us, and we look forward to seeing them flourish and grow.

We understand the importance of keeping in touch and maintaining contact and we have individual arrangements with families on communication, holidays, home visits and weekly written updates. We also know that for many families, time at home can be some of the most challenging to support and we can provide outreach support during home visits should this be required.

We strive to ensure your child will live and learn in the best environment possible; we will encourage them to learn in an appropriate way and offer them a caring environment where their social and emotional wellbeing will be paramount. They will have access to a range of supports including: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Psychological Services. You as parents will be offered the opportunity to take part in some of our training programmes supporting you to use our approaches in the family home should you desire. While your child is living and learning at Linn Moor they will be encouraged to work towards relevant qualifications to help them in the future. You will receive regular progress updates, and will be invited to take part in termly celebrations and events.

We have some parents who come to speak to new staff during our induction training. It can be invaluable to have the parent or carer perspective, to promote a greater understanding of not only the child’s experience, but also the family as a whole. For parents who want to be more active in the direction and focus of Linn Moor, the opportunity to be involved in developing our Campus Council may be of interest.

We have a Welcome Pack for parents and a Moving In Book for our pupils.

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