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Although we have extensive on-site facilities and are set in an idyllic rural location, we encourage the people on the Linn Moor Campus to be part of their local and wider communities. We expect them to access community activities in the same way as any other person. This may involve learning to wait, to stand in a queue, that sometimes facilities are closed and that real life cannot always be about avoiding aversive situations. Learning these essential coping skills will greatly enhance people’s inclusion within the community by expanding the social, recreational and vocational opportunities available to them.

We continue to expand our contacts in the community exploring possible work experience opportunities for the adults in the Transition and Adult Services. We have had people working in community cafés and garden centres and we also offer work placements within the organisation. These have included VSA’s Head Office, book shop and Easter Anguston farm shop and café.

Members of staff are innovative and imaginative when exploring community opportunities for the children and young people living on the Linn Moor Campus, recognising their interests and finding ways of developing these in community settings.

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