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Linn Moor Campus

VSA’s Linn Moor Campus is a unique multi-generational approach to community-based care for individuals with learning disabilities and other additional support needs.

Linn Moor Residential School continues to provide exceptional care and education for the five to 19 age range.

Easter Anguston Farm continues to provide valuable vocational and life skill development opportunities along with a number of visitor attractions, providing an excellent opportunity for the wider public to engage with our services and the individuals we support.

Rowanlea Adult Service based on the grounds of Linn Moor Residential School and Easter Anguston Farm, provides an intensive housing and support service for young adults with autism that focuses on the development of meaningful life skills and personal fulfilment. We believe that young adults with complex needs should continue learning after they leave formal education. Our focus is on ensuring the foundation of academic, life and vocational abilities already achieved are consolidated and built upon, leading to better outcomes in adulthood.

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