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Our organisation was founded through philanthropy back in 1870; two people had the vision that they could transform the lives of the poor and vulnerable by encouraging wealthier people and businesses in the city to come together to help drive social change.

You too can have the power to transform lives through social change- a gift that lasts for generations.

VSA provides an excellent opportunity for philanthropists in the UK or Globally to work with us to help drive social change across a number of areas.

As the leading social care charity for the region we have 150 years of experience in delivering care, support and social change. We work with philanthropists to understand their aims and objectives; working with them and partners to drive forward a mutually agreed programme or project that has measured outcomes with a strong and meaningful impact.


Over our 150 year history, we have changed and touched the lives of over three million individuals and families, all of which was made possible with thanks to philanthropists, trusts and foundations.

While we are based in the UK, we are continually sharing our learning with organisations across the globe and we are keen to learn from others so that we can bring new models of social care and solutions to the region for the benefit of the vulnerable children and adults who need our help and support.

Our work aligns with a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; if you are looking to give more strategically, and to increase the impact of your social investment then our team of experts would love to speak with you.

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