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Easter Anguston Farm:

Education Visits


Enjoy learning about the countryside and life on a working farm.

Easter Anguston Farm opens its doors to local visitors to enjoy time on the farm; to learn about our livestock and animals plus how they are looked after; see us growing and tendering crops and the effects of seasonal changes; to see wildlife and birds in the natural surroundings of the beautiful countryside and to understand about life on a working farm.

Our education visits are designed for primary aged children from schools, church and community groups or the general public to come and enjoy all year round. We host special workshops to fit with your education curriculum.

As a registered Scottish Charity, VSA’s Easter Anguston Farm plays a big part in the development of adults with learning disabilities who work and manage the day-to-day running of the farm. Plus, they care for a wide number of animal breeds who reside at the farm. For example, alpacas to miniature donkeys, rabbits, chickens, pigs, ducks, Shetland ponies, sheep, a ferret, aviary birds, and our baby animals in springtime.

Our education visits to Easter Anguston Farm will let you see behind the scenes of how our farm operates and what a typical day is like for Trainees working on the farm. The children will meet the animals; enjoy learning how they are cared for; how the crops are developed and managed from seed to plate. You will understand how the countryside changes from season to season and how this affects the day-to-day running of the farm; plus the duties undertaken to ensure the well-being of animals.

Education Guided Visits

At Easter Anguston Farm, there is also a range of exciting educational experiences and workshops for your group of children to enjoy on their visit.

The education workshops and guided tours of the farm form part of our Education Package. Children will have the opportunity to develop their investigative skills with your choice of interactive workshop and questions can be answered as they tour around the farm with our guide. Plus, children can explore various farming themes which facilitate learning in a fun hands-on way through self-led discovery and play.

Our education room holds up to 40 children and we can tailor our workshops and talks around your education needs. We are happy to chat to the teacher, or group leader, to find out what you are interested in and endeavour to design a programme to your curriculum.

Our education guided visits run from 10-1pm or 12-3pm, Monday to Friday. The cost is £2.50 per child (adults are free) or £6 per child with lunch boxes included. Education group bookings are taken in advance to ensure we can accommodate you on that day, we wouldn’t want you to feel disappointed.

Along with a 30 minute workshop, of your choice, you will receive a health and safety on the farm briefing on arrival; a guided tour of the farm where you can ask questions and meet the 10 breeds of animals, birds and babies (if in season); you can explore the woodland walks, pond and the children’s play areas; and a private room is yours to eat your lunch and shelter if it rains – welly boots and waterproofs are recommended so you can enjoy splash time!



Springtime is our planting season with the ground being prepared, and seeds being sown for our summer fruit crops that you can see in different growing phases, as the season develops. Visit our baby animals like bunnies, lambs, piglets and chicks. Plus, you can see our eggs in incubation ready for hatching and birds preparing for nesting in the woodland areas.



Summer brings out our ripe strawberry and soft fruit crops where you can pick and go home with a punnet or two! You'll find beautiful plants in full bloom in our garden centre; our baby animals growing bigger and enjoying time in the green pastures. At our pond area, you can enjoy the countryside, bird watch and maybe catch a glimpse of our own Red Kites flying from their nests.



The leaves are changing and falling to carpet the ground; our woodland walks look different with the vibrant colours changing in the trees. Also, harvest time begins on the farm and we gather our pumpkins and vegetables, plus we make our own straw from the cut barley.



The preparation begins for the cold winter months; most of our animals are inside now to keep warm and ready for breeding in springtime. The pond can be frozen over and the ground white with morning frost in the coldest months. The birds have migrated to warmer climates. But, if you wrap up cosy then a lovely winter walk can still be had around the farm grounds, finishing up with a cup of warm chocolate in the Café.

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