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Activities at Craigton Grove

Encouraging tenants to live full and enjoyable lives

Tenants have a very busy social life, taking part in many activities both within the service and also in conjunction with external groups.

In-house activities include:

  • Computer games competitions
  • Wii competitions
  • Darts
  • Pool
  • Board games

Staff always ask what I like to do.

Tenants also enjoy going to concerts, swimming, the local pub, church events, monthly Cornerstone disco, Downs Syndrome Society events and a football group provided by Sports Aberdeen.

Tenants are also supported to access and maintain day placements, either at Easter Anguston Farm. or with other external agencies. For example, we currently support individuals who attend placements at Go Create.

Tenants can also be supported to attain employment, voluntary or paid and to access further education where this is identified in their personal plans.


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