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VSA Contact Centre

The Aim of VSA’s Contact Centre is to provide children living in Aberdeen’s local and wider communities, who do not live with both of their parents, a neutral, safe environment where unsupervised contact sessions can take place. The total cost of The Supported Contact package is £600 and includes:

  • Resident - parent pre contact meeting
  • Contact - parent pre contact meeting
  • A child-centred contact plan based on detail from court, solicitor, parent and child meetings.
  • 10 dates x 2 hour sessions of supported contact
  • Individual review at the end of the contact period with a summary report detailing the next steps sent to the solicitors involved.

Our service encourages bonding time, where relationships are built and strengthened between children and their contact parent.

VSA’s Contact Centre provides support for up to 12 families per year; this usually consists of three to six contact sessions per week. Over the 24 years the centre has been running, this represents a significant number of families who have used and directly benefited from the service since its formation in 1990. In recognition of this commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable young people, the Contact Centre has recently been awarded the Queen’s Voluntary Service Award.

Staffed primarily by volunteers, we help children and parents to settle into a routine of contact in an environment where there is no need for parents to meet. This helps to make sure the contact goes smoothly and any anxieties are kept to a minimum, ensuring the time spent between the young person and their contact parent is quality time.

It should be noted that the volunteers do not provide supervision of the contact, nor does the centre provide reports for courts, solicitors, social workers or any other third parties.

To find out more, please click here for a short video.

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