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What are Carer Friendly Communities?

Carer Friendly Communities are places where carers feel supported to look after their family or friends,and are recognised as individuals with needs of their own.
They have some understanding of a carer’s daily reality, recognising that they are often under a lot of pressure and tend to be hidden from view. For example, in a Carer Friendly Community, a GP service might offer carers appointment times to fit around their caring responsibilities; an employer might offer flexible working hours to carers or a university could offer students who are caring extensions with course work. Essentially, Carer Friendly Communities are places that reach out to support carers wherever they can by understanding caring, understanding disability and illness, and doing things differently.

The funding for social care services, how health and care services work together and the reliability and quality of care services impact on how well carers are supported. Insufficient funding, coupled with uncoordinated, low quality health and social care provision result in poor experiences for carers, which will not change unless there is investment and structural change. However, by thinking about the needs of carers and working differently all parts of the community can make a difference to improving the lives of carers.

You’ll find a CW2016CarersChecklist.pdf that was produced for use during Carer’s Week. We have decided to continue the Building Carer Friendly Communities theme on an ongoing basis. We are keen to promote the good work we know goes on all over Aberdeen as well as supporting other communities to improve. We need your help to this. Why not take 5 minutes to complete the questions on the checklist for your community ? These can be returned to us here at VSA either in person or in the post. It would also be helpful to us if you can tell us the area of the city in which you live and which communities you mentioned on the checklist.

Below are leaflets that can help you:

Building Carer Friendly Communities Care Services.pdf

Building Carer Friendly Communities Education.pdf

Building Carer Friendly Communities Employers.pdf

Building Carer Friendly Communities Health.pdf

Building Carer Friendly Communities The whole community leaflet.pdf















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