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The Way Ahead Resource for life after caring

At VSA Carers Resource Service we understand when your caring role comes to and end due to bereavement or other changes in circumstances, it can be difficult to adjust and move forward. Some support around this transition is really beneficial for most people.

In partnership with those going through such a transition we have developed this guidance The Way Ahead Booklet.pdf, outlining what support is available to former carers and for how long that support will be offered.

• When you inform us of your change in circumstances a letter will be sent out enclosing a copy of this guidance and asking if you would like to receive The Way Ahead Resource Handbook and/ or would like to be contacted by a Carer Advisor.

• If you wish, we can retain your details for a period of up to one year and you will continue to receive the Newsletter and other mailings during this time.

• You can request to be removed from the mailing list at anytime.

• If you wish, you can continue to receive support for up to one year, this  may include the following :

1. Information pack, which includes advice around practical and emotional issues and helpful ideas to help with moving forward.

2. One to one support from a Carer Advisor.

3. Peer support from other former carers including attending The Way Ahead group

4. Support around developing skills and interests, including volunteering opportunities and educational courses

• Support will be reviewed regularly over the year and an ending agreed between the Carer Advisor and yourself. This may include referring you on to specialist community resources where appropriate.


January 2016 (Review date January 2017)


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