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Supporting Young Carers in our Community

About 2,240 children in Aberdeen, some as young as five, look after another family member and assume a level of responsibility usually associated with an adult.

The person receiving care is often a parent but could be a sibling, grandparent, another relative, friend or neighbour who is disabled, has a chronic illness, a mental health problem or other condition that means they need care, support or supervision. But, for young carers, this means school work can be a struggle and social difficulties can lead to behavioural and emotional issues. VSA’s Young Carers’ Service provides direct physical, social, emotional and educative support.

VSA provides a safe and supported environment where young carers aged five to 18 can just be a child. Here, they can do what others may take for granted: play, do homework, read a book and, most importantly, socialise with children in a similar situation.

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