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State of Caring Survey 2017

State of Caring Survey 2017:
finding out the truth about carers' lives in Scotland

Can you share the survey with carers?

Through the evidence we gather from our State of Caring survey we can push for change. In the biggest survey of its kind of carers in the UK, the data we collect paints a real picture of the life carers lead. 

Carers Scotland run the survey each year to find out what life is like for people who are caring, and what needs to change to make life better. We use the responses to provide evidence to policy makers.

In the last year we've used evidence from carers to:

• Submit research to the ongoing development of the Carers Act.
• Demonstrate the significant impact of caring on finances when giving evidence on the  devolution of disability and carer benefits to Scotland.
• Show the impact of poor hospital discharge on carers and the person they care for.
• Provide evidence on the impact of caring on paid employment and the number of carers who give up work or reduce their hours to care.

Thank you for taking the time to help us – all responses make a real difference in helping us work together to make life better for carers.

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