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Carer's Support (Scotland) Act 2016

The Carer’s Support (Scotland) Act 2016 will be implemented in 2018. The Act provides new rights for Carer’s.

Not sure what the legislation means for you? Please see the documents produced by Carer’s Scotland for an easy to read guide.



Carers Trust Scotland briefing on Carers Act regulations.pdf

As part of the implementation of the Carers Act 2016 the Scottish Government have produced a draft Carer’s Charter - Carers Charter Draft.pdf. This is currently out for consultation and information about how to do this is available at

The Scottish Government has produced some draft National Guidance to support the implementation of the Carers Act 2016. The first of these is about the requirement to produce and publish Information and Advice to support Carers and to produce and publish a Short Breaks Statement.

The draft guidance is now available for consultation and can be viewed by clicking on the following link 

This also provides information on how to comment on the regulations so far.


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