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What Can BSS Do For You?

BSS provides training to enable members of your team to become in-house Instructors who can pass on skills required to staff supporting people who display challenging behaviour in a proactive way. Training can be used appropriately in a variety of different situations.

BSS Training Has Many Benefits:

  • BSS was previously accredited by the BILD Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme. In March 2019 BILD launched new standards,  BILD Restraint Reduction Network (RRN)Training Standards Certification Scheme. BSS is in the process of transferring over to these new standards along with Organisations BSS Supports and Certificated BSS Instructors who are trained to work in accordance with these Standards. Under this scheme providers of Training must adhere to certain criteria as detailed in the BILD Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards 2019.

  • All training is considered as best practice and meets the requirements of inspection agencies in relation to the safe management of challenging behaviour

  • We will train and support members of your staff team to become Instructors so that they can go on to deliver relevant, appropriate training courses to the wider staff team within your organisation
  • Physical Interventions, Safe Holds and Breakaway Techniques are bio-mechanically assessed for safety for both the member of staff and the people you support
  • All Physical Interventions, Safe Holds and Breakaway Techniques have been biomechanically assessed by The Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, Human Performance Laboratory. The aim of this study was to perform biomechanical analysis and risk assessment of all intervention (restraining) techniques, from the perspective of both the restrainer and restrained
  • Training focuses on proactive, person-centred approaches which have the principles of early intervention, prevention, calming and communication at their heart. The training is being constantly enhanced and new information is regularly added
  • Instructors receive on-going advice, support and further training from our team of Instructor Trainers
  • Training can be individually tailored to suit your needs

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