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BSS has supported Inspire for many years. We chose BSS as they fitted well with our person-centred values and they focused on restraint being a last resort. We were also able to be involved with the organisation by having a representative on the BSS advisory group.

As an organisation they take their accreditation responsibilities very seriously and follow the BILD code very closely ensuring that our internal trainers are of the highest quality and that our organisation provides highly effective behaviour support.

From the very beginning their instructors shared a fresh and inspirational approach that allowed us to develop proactive approaches that transformed the lives of the people we support. Not only did this reduce the level of restraint required but it also enhanced the persons quality of life considerably.

Miles Davies
Regional Manager

Moray Council

In 2013 The Moray Council commissioned BSS to assist us in providing training to staff in Positive Behaviour Support. We were looking for an organisation that could assist us in tailoring the course curriculum to suit all our council services that support people in Moray, some of whom have complex needs. Since we started working closely with BSS in August 2013:

  1. A number of instructors have been trained to deliver the training
  2. The core BSS/Moray Council Course has been developed
  3. An experiential training DVD is progressing jointly between BSS, The Moray Council and Out of the Darkness Theatre Company
  4.  There is regular consultation between BSS and Moray Council regarding the needs of a specialist residential service
  5. BSS has contributed to a very successful seminar to promote positive behaviour in Moray attended by adult services staff from the council, health service, service providers and some families

In just six months working along with BSS, the Moray Council Adult Services have made considerable progress in promoting positive behaviour in Moray.

Annie Cosnette

KEY and Community Lifestyles

KEY and Community Lifestyles provide highly personalised, outcome focused support to help people with learning disabilities and complex needs live life to the full. Our accredited instructors are supported by BSS to provide training for staff working in complex and challenging situations.

Sheila Baird

Moray Council Maybank

I first heard of BSS when they submitted a tender to take on the support of Moray Council staff to assist with Positive Behaviour Support techniques. The parents of the people we support were all invited along to a presentation of their core values and beliefs of how PBS should work in conjunction with other techniques.

Once they were confirmed as our new PBS providers I was very interested in signing up to become a BSS Instructor. Analysing behaviours, functional analysis and new communication techniques are of interest to me so I wanted to absorb as much as I could from the opportunity.

Since August 2013, I have attended training sessions on how to present the core values of BSS to staff groups in a way that is fun, imaginative and to generate discussion so the staff can begin to evaluate their own values base and evaluate their own work practices.

In February 2014, I presented my first ever training session as an Assistant Manager. We did four, four-day courses during the month to our staff team at Maybank to re-fresh staff on how we should be supporting individuals to communicate without challenges. This has allowed me to improve my confidence levels, communication skills, and presentation techniques in a manner I have never been able to before and for that I thank BSS for the opportunity.

Chris Brenton
Assistant Manager in Challenging Behaviour

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