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Mission Statement and Principles

Mission Statement

By providing training in the BSS approach to challenging behaviour we will:

  • Improve the quality of life for people who are supported through BSS
  • Maintain quality and professional standards of conduct
  • Develop good practice in direct care and support
  • Promote lifelong learning


  • We adhere to the BILD Code of Practice
  • We will be flexible and adapt the training as appropriate to the service needs
  • We will make best use of developments in theory and practice in relation to BSS
  • We will ensure the training we offer will continue to be of a high standard and cost effective
  • We are committed to BSS and will be supportive to people being trained regardless of designation
  • We will review all training on a regular basis and maintain on-going contact with BSS Instructors
  • We are committed to being reflective practitioners and will continue to share learning and improve practice
  • We have an open door policy and continually engage with organisations and BSS Instructors with issues as they arise
  • We will learn from the feedback we receive to support a better quality of life for people who are supported through BSS
  • We respect everyone equally using the same approach to the staff that use our service as we expect them to have in interactions with the people they support

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