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Real VSA stories from real people

Pat's Story

Pat came to live at Cloverfield Grove in 2007. Prior to moving to Cloverfield, Pat lived in an upstairs flat in the community. As a wheelchair user this was far from an ideal situation, and resulted in Pat being housebound for almost 10 years. Sadly, during this time she only left her home twice when her mother became unwell. Pat became very socially isolated, which had a significant impact on her personal wellbeing.

Life improvement

Since joining the VSA, family life has improved enormously for Pat. She has a home that meets her needs, made new friends and she loves her new social life, with shopping trips a popular outing. Pat even recently ventured on an independent day out to Elgin, something that could never have happened before moving to Cloverfield.

The future

Pat is very sociable now and enjoys spending time in the communal areas of Cloverfield interacting with other tenants, staff and visitors as well as being out and about in the community. She also enjoys taking prospective new recruits to Cloverfield on a tour of the site during their interviews.

With the help of Cloverfield Grove and VSA, Pat is living a much more fulfilling and full life where she is making a valuable contribution to her local community.

Find out more about Cloverfield Grove here or for an overview of services for older people.


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