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Mairi’s Story

Mairi attends VSA’s Maisie Munro’s Nursery. Mairi receives exceptional care and support in enhancing essential life, social and developmental skills through a needs-led programme that accesses the early years curriculum through play.

She also benefits from attending Aberdeen’s only integrated nursery, where young people with additional support needs attend the same sessions as their mainstream peers. The benefits of this are countless and our experience shows that integration at such an early age leads to much better outcomes as young people progress through childhood.

Statement from Mairi’s mum:

Both my children have been on an adventure at Maisie Munro’s Children’s Centre, enjoying lots of opportunities for outdoor play and learning including regular trips to the beach and other community resources.

Staff provide a nurturing environment where children are treated as individuals and are encouraged to develop and achieve. The caring, friendly and professional approach of staff promotes good communication and relationships with parents making it easier to ask questions and share information.

I have been very thankful that my children have had such a positive childcare experience which has helped them to learn and grown in confidence.

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