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VSA’s Vision, Values and Mission


VSA has a vision of what we want the charity to achieve over the long term: “To build a strong and caring community.”


The charity is founded upon values that reflect a desire to engage with and listen to the people who need and use our services, volunteers, partners and staff:

  • People who are in need of our services and support will be at the heart of our policies, planning and work.
  • We will work to provide the best care to meet the needs of people who use our services.
  • We will embrace, promote, and foster partnerships to deliver our services in the most inclusive way for individuals in our care.
  • We will respect and value the people we work with - those who need and use our services, partner organisations, volunteers and staff - treating them with kindness and dignity.


To uphold the values and make our vision a reality, the underlying mission of VSA is:
“To provide the best of care to enable the best of lives; supporting individuals and communities to fulfil their potential.”

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